Friday, January 11, 2013

What will you do differently in 2013?

Happy new year, fellow Asagao growers! This year I vow to grow a Demono system of Asagao. I have been advised by my friend Nobu Kato in Japan that one of the Dragon type Demono systems are good ones to grow out as a new student of the mutants. I looked in my allocation of seeds from Kyushu University National Asagao Collection and found I had about 25 seeds of Q0459. This Demono Asagao system has 4 flower types as can be seen in the reference photos I show below, obtained from their web site. I hope to see all of the flower forms this summer but I have a 1/16 probability of seeing the most mutated form. I hope I'm lucky! This year I will be modifying the soil in each container with the addition of home-grown vermicompost as well as more additions of biochar material. I added some worm compost tea to the small cups which hold my winter morning glory plants last week, and the plants are responding very nicely.