Sunday, January 13, 2013

Q0224 and Q0269 are installed in final containers

Q0224 Higo Asagao
Q0269 Asagao

Yesterday I installed the Q0224 Higo asagao and Q0269 asagao plants in their final growing pots. The young plants had begun extending their vines and were looking for a support on which to wind, so they were telling me to get busy.

I keep a worm bin to make vermicompost. Before installing the plants, I dug a hole in each of the growing containers about twice as deep as the root ball of the young plants. I went into the basement and harvested fresh vermicompost, as can be seen in the photo immediately above. Note the rich dark quality of this soil amendment that is teeming with beneficial microbial life. I filled half the hole with the vermicompost and then gently placed the plant on top of the vermicompost. The roots of the plant were in direct contact with the soil amendment. Finally I filled the hole back in with surrounding potting medium and gently firmed the medium around the root ball.
Here are photos of the plants in their final growing containers. As can be seen in the photos, I placed a lamp overhead to provide light to the plant. I use a 100W equivalent fluorescent bulb in each one as a light source, and the lamps are on short-day photoperiod timer, giving them about 10 or 11 hours of light each day. Overnight each plant found the vertical support on their own and they appear unaffected by the transplanting process. Let's hope for flowers and soon!!