Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Calystegia pubescens 'Tenshi-Botan'

Via Flickr:
Japanese Bindweed

This beauty gets better every year. My friend Hiro M. offered this description to me:

ヒルガオ(昼顔) ‘天使牡丹’ Calystegia pubescens Lindl., 1846 ‘Tenshi-Botan’ This name is accepted. (Synonym : Calystegia japonica (Thunb.) Choisy, 1925 ‘Tenshi-Botan’) (Synonym : Calystegia pubescens Lindl., 1846 ‘Double Pink’)

This plant was discovered in China at the time of the Second World War. The soldier who brought back to Japan was a person famous also as Horticulturalist then. He who went back to Japan planted in the yard of the house. He has perceived that the character of this plant is stable, and named the "天使牡丹" . This reading is "Tenshi-Botan." And the meaning is an "Angel Peony." Several years afterward, the clone of this new plant covered all his yards, and he was troubled very much. Therefore, it is important to never take out from a Flower Pot.