Friday, September 24, 2010

Pink Shibori Asagao

Pink Shibori Asagao, originally uploaded by Gerris2.

Compare this lovely bright pink shibori flower with the one posted below, both were produced by the same plant. I enjoy this variability in the flowers. It seems the more pronounced shibori pattern is expressed more frequently as the plant ages.

Flying Spark Asagao

Flying Spark Asagao, originally uploaded by Gerris2.

Flying Spark is a prolific flower maker, and what flowers they are! Huge billowy brown flowers with a white margin. Fortunately this one is a good seed maker.


N35, originally uploaded by Gerris2.

Noriko Takemura's collection of asagao has made another keeper, a deep blue shibori flower on this late bloomer.

Q1141 Reverse Tube Variegated Leaf Ipomoea purpurea

On occasion, one plant in the series of four plants infrequently makes a typical purple Ipomoea purpurea flower. For the most part the plants are making bountiful numbers of these reverse tube slightly yellow flowers.

Blue Striated Star Asagao

Blue Striated Star Asagao, originally uploaded by Gerris2.

This is definitely one for blue flower lovers.

Large Flower Asagao Pink Ray with Blue Limb

Huge flowers of the most pleasant color combination of pink and blue!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pink and slight blue shibori asagao

This last posting for tonight is another Yamato-Noen product, which has produced very large flowers having finely separated lines of both light pink and blue. It is really quite an interesting flower to watch as it changes color over the course of the day, to darker pink lines of color.

Pink shibori (Yamato-Noen)

Pink shibori (Yamato-Noen), originally uploaded by Gerris2.

Here is a beauty I have thoroughly enjoyed this summer, a pink shibori/blizzard flower form with gently variegated green leaves. The seeds are marketed by the Japanese seed company Yamato-Noen. If you look closely at the tube of the flower, a hint of yellow can be seen in there. Not as strong a yellow as you see in flowers of Ipomoea tricolor cultivars but it sure appears to be present in this I. nil strain. However, it is odd that it is less pronounced when you click on the photo...maybe this is a PIGMENT of my imagination?

Seto (Yamato-Noen)

Seto (Yamato-Noen), originally uploaded by Gerris2.

Here is a Yamato-Noen CV 'Seto'. Another large flower Japanese asagao that is making huge saturated purple flowers now, with variegated leaves.


N27, originally uploaded by Gerris2.

I love the vivid purple color in the flower of this Japanese asagao. This is how some of the blue ray asagao flowers fade to at the end of the day.


Kami, originally uploaded by Gerris2.

A huge large flower Japanese asagao with brilliant pink flowers and large dragonfly shaped variegated leaves. The flower stays open all day for me, in its semi-shaded location.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cynda's Kanoko

Kanoko, originally uploaded by Gerris2.

Cynda's Kanoko flowers seem to be more profusely and densely red speckled than other strains in this variety.

Blue Ray Asagao

Blue Ray Asagao, originally uploaded by Gerris2.

These flowers command attention from all visitors to the garden.

Noriko Takemura's Pink and Grey Shibori

The first flowers of this pink and grey Japanese morning glory were mainly pink. The grey shibori/blizzard pattern began to emerge recently. It makes a very large flower.

Reverse Tube Asagao

Reverse Tube Asagao, originally uploaded by Gerris2.

The limb of the flower gets increasingly larger as the season goes on for this unusual flower.

Fuzzy Dipteran

Fuzzy Dipteran, originally uploaded by Gerris2.

This fuzzy fly sat down next to me as I was taking photos this morning. It was sunning itself on a morning glory leaf and permitted me to get a close to take its picture.

Pink Blizzard Delight

Pink Blizzard Delight, originally uploaded by Gerris2.

This morning glory is a total delight to see, and there are tons of these flowers on the trellis!