Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kyushu University Q961 - Budo Nezumi

Dear All,

I apologize for the hiatus in posting information here. I had the marvelous experience of a business trip to Japan in July (7/10-31/2009) and upon return I spent much of my spare moments trying to get my asagao garden back under control. I am sure you can well imagine how the vines had intergrown into each other and I had to untangle them, a slow yet attainable goal.

I came back and found this most marvelous flowering plant, which my friend Naomi must have obtained in a seed distribution from Kyushu University with the Q-number designation for their asagao seed collection. The flower is about 3 inches / 7.6 centimeters and is a deep plum purple color with even distribution of this color. I marvel the color contrast with the yellow-green leaves. I look for flowers on this vine every day. What a treat to be able to grow it.

Naomi Q961 Budo-Nezumi 2

Here are the cotyledons of this vine.

Naomi Q961 Budo Izumi Red Brown 2

And here are the first true leaves. This leaf color I find quite attractive.

Naomi Q961 Budo Nezumi Chocolate