Monday, May 25, 2009


I obtained this strain, 'Kanoko' from an eBay auction several years ago, and grew it for the first time indoors this winter. Growing asagao plants indoors over the winter helps pass the cold weather months away! 'Kanoko' made many wildly speckled flowers; however, this particular plant did not produce any seeds.

Kanoko 1

I grew two plants of 'Kanoko', and the second plant made only one flower which was a reverse tube flower. Sadly, the plant died shortly after I took this photograph.

Kanoko Reverse Tube  1

I germinated the remainder of the seed packet and will be growing this gem this summer. I hope of all the 'Kanoko' plants I obtain seeds to maintain this lovely line for my collection. The following are cotyledon and first leaf images of these plants.

Cyndas Kanoko 5

Cyndas Kanoko 4

Cyndas Kanoko 3

Cyndas Kanoko 2

Cyndas Kanoko 1