Monday, May 25, 2009


I obtained this strain, 'Kanoko' from an eBay auction several years ago, and grew it for the first time indoors this winter. Growing asagao plants indoors over the winter helps pass the cold weather months away! 'Kanoko' made many wildly speckled flowers; however, this particular plant did not produce any seeds.

Kanoko 1

I grew two plants of 'Kanoko', and the second plant made only one flower which was a reverse tube flower. Sadly, the plant died shortly after I took this photograph.

Kanoko Reverse Tube  1

I germinated the remainder of the seed packet and will be growing this gem this summer. I hope of all the 'Kanoko' plants I obtain seeds to maintain this lovely line for my collection. The following are cotyledon and first leaf images of these plants.

Cyndas Kanoko 5

Cyndas Kanoko 4

Cyndas Kanoko 3

Cyndas Kanoko 2

Cyndas Kanoko 1


Nobus Bessekai, originally uploaded by Gerris2.

Here are the first leaves of 'Bessekai', another strain of asagao offered by Nobu Kato through his web shop . As was seen in 'Ginro' photographs below on this page, 'Bessekai' has very large slightly variegated yellow-green colored cotyledons.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Margined Blue Asago

Fukurin Blue JMG 4, originally uploaded by Gerris2.

It was a winter for me to grow margined Asagao vines. This blue beauty came from a commercial packet of seeds identified simply as Fukurin mix. It made 5 to 6 inch (13 to 15 centimeter) diameter flowers of sky blue color, with a lovely white margin. It has cicada type variegated leaves to add to the list of eye candy attributes.

Fukurin Blue JMG 5

Fukurin Blue JMG 3

Fukurin Blue JMG 1

Margined Grey Asagao

Fukurin grey 2, originally uploaded by Gerris2.

I received seeds with excitement from Dave's Garden member Bluespiral last fall, and grew this marvelous plant over the winter in my sunroom. I enjoyed its classic form of wide white margin, and the even grey color of corolla limb and reddish tube color.

Fukurin grey

Fukurin grey

Fukurin grey 2

Grey Fukurin 1

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kishukumen Rinpuba Murasaki Daizaki

13-1, originally uploaded by Gerris2.

I have grown this beautiful plant for a couple growing seasons now, and enjoy its many positive attributes. The color combination of yellow-green leaves with blue flower is fantastic. The pale reverse tube on the flower is remarkable, and the finger-like leaf shapes make this Asagao strain quite extraordinary!











Thursday, May 7, 2009

Asagao Photo Parade

'Fujishibori' Asagao

21-2 Fujishibori, originally uploaded by Gerris2.

I am a huge fan of speckled mutant Japanese Asagao flowers. EmmaGrace sent me Fujishibori several years ago and I have enjoyed its stunning flowers very much. This strain makes large flowers and quite a few of them, however, it is not a prolific seed maker.

21-1 Fujishibori

21-1 Fujishibori

21-3 Fujishibori

Fujishibori 2

Fujishibori 3

Fujishibori 2

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Asagao 'Ginro' (Ipomoea nil)

I am most honored to grow out a strain of Japanese Asagao 'Ginro'. I started seeds of this strain on 20 April 2009, and have nice cotyledon photos to share with you. Thanks to Nobu Kato ( for making it possible for me to see this fabulous plant in real life!

I find most enchanting the yellow color with the red veins and edge to the cotyledons.

Ginro Asagao is developing some interesting leaves. With the onset of consistently warm evenings the plants have suddenly come alive!

Nobus Ginro 1

Nobus Ginro 2