Monday, April 6, 2009

Ipomoea obscura strains

I wanted to add a species to the discussion forum which I am quite fond of, Ipomoea obscura. I became interested in this species when I first saw the beautiful flowers a friend of mine on Dave's Garden web site, Gourd, posted photographs of the 'Ethiopia' strain in the Morning Glories discussion forum. After a bit of searching, I obtained seeds from J. L. Hudson, Seedsman ( and grew them out in my garden. I enjoyed its always perfectly opened and brightly colored orange to yellow-gold flowers that have a maroon tube. After discussions with my friends in Japan, Nobu and Naomi, I learned that this species was a rare one in Japan; I wanted to include it in this blog because of the keen interest in it expressed by gardeners in Japan and in many other parts of the world.

Last year I grew two additional strains of I. obscura, 'Keniaki' and 'Bone Yellow'. In January I germinated seeds of 'Ethiopia', and strains obtained from Dave's Garden members phicks, luvsgrtdanes, EmmaGrace (, Syrumani, and eBay source Mountain Meadow Seeds. I am also thankful to Dave's Garden members RON_CONVOLVULACEAE for providing the 'Bone Yellow' seeds.

The photograph shown in the beginning of this thread is of 'Ethiopia'. I shall share my photos of the other strains in the very near future.

I invite comments and discussion so that we may learn from each other.

[added 5/2/2009]
Please contrast the flowers of 'Ethiopia' strain with 'Keniaki' and 'Bone Yellow' I. obscura flowers.

'Keniaki' (Note the white tube color in contrast with maroon tube color of 'Ethiopia')

'Bone Yellow'

'Keniaki' and 'Bone Yellow'

'Bone Yellow'
(I enjoy its large yellow flowers very much!)